I recently acquired a Pocket Heavy for myself.  Nice to have a little pal with me where ever I go. I’ll never be alone!

Shots from a few places around downtown McAllen. And ONE from up-town McAllen.

A-10 Warthog: Tank killer.

New York Strip & Fettuccine with Spinach & Cheese sauce

Medium rare, just how I like it!  I’m so lucky to live where beef is relatively cheap to buy (this package was for 2 strips).  I marinated this steak all day with some Chorizo De San Manuel steak seasoning and boy was it worth the wait :)

Powa staring at the jug we keep her food in.

Powa staring at the jug we keep her food in.

HP IntelliJack Gigabit Switch: NJ2000G (Full specs here)

These nifty little switches can be used to install into a standard sized wall box to easily provide port density instead of running additional cable.  They provide additional Ethernet ports plus 2 “pass-throuh” ports.  The best part: you can power the device using Power Over Ethernet.  It supports 802.3at and 802.3af power. 

We needed this to provide port density for a location on campus where running new lines would be very difficult.  There are dorms that were built with cinder-block and no drywall.  We needed to install additional access points and this seemed like the perfect fit (thanks to our Co-Worker Hugo!)  While testing these things, I learned a couple of things that some people may want to know.

When supplied with 802.3at power, the device will only power 1 802.11at device.

There have been no firmware updates since 2011.

When connecting to a POE+ HP switch (in our case, a HP 2920-24G-PoE+ or 2910-24G-PoE+ al), there is an lldp bug of sorts.  LLDP should negotiate power settings correctly, but in this case, they don’t.  You have to enter the following commands in order to supply the device with AT power:

  • config
  • —lldp config 20 dot3tlvenable poe_config
  • int <interface#>
  • —poe-lldp-detect enabled

Other details & notes that may help:

  • Switch defaults:
  • Reset switch: Press reset button briefly
  • Reset switch to factory default: Press & hold reset button approx 20 seconds (device will reboot)
  • Default password: password
  • Default IP Configuration: DHCP or AutoNet
  • Default IP Address:


  • Caution: enabled by default!


  • Assign an IP

VLANS (Membership)

  • Create and assign vlans to ports
  • Uplink  = all vlans
  • Acces ports = only vlans needed

Configure ports’ vlan settings

  • Uplink = check VLAN AWARE box, Packet Type is Tagged Only, & PVID (untagged port) is None
  • Access ports = VLAN AWARE is disabled, Packet type is ALL, and PVID is untagged VLAN


  • Assign Management VLAN (IP Settings)

Anyone who has driven North on Jackson crossing Business 83 in McAllen knows this intersection well.  The left turn for the Northbound needs to go.  City of McAllen, PLEASE do away with this intersection. It’s dangerous and holds up traffic. #Mcallen #CityOfMcallen #956

Cockpit of the A-10 WartHog - What a beast!

Cockpit of the A-10 WartHog - What a beast!


Beautiful source film maker art from "Uberchain" of DeviantArt.

Two new hats: Unusual Otolayingologist’s mirror #13 - Disco Beat Down effect and the FR-0 with Kill-a-Watt effect

Driving around at night and snapped a picture of the Nuevo Sanlander Gallery in McAllen and 135 Paseo Del Prado in Edinburg.


Unusual Otolaryngologist Mirror with the bubbling effect.

Powa with her &#8220;Cat&#8217;s Meow&#8221; cat toy.

Powa with her “Cat’s Meow” cat toy.

Unusual Mirror #12: Green Confetti